Saying #Goodbye to #GritAndGrace - Visit Me At #FaithInPrint

April 22, 2024


Please see me at: 

This post has been a while in the making. It has been a well-thought-out and absolutely difficult decision to make.

My blog traffic and interaction on various social media has not done well and, even with the A to Z Challenge, I have less traffic for April than I did in May.

With that, I will be closing this blog. The books will still be written by me or someone I hand the current WIPs over to. So they will remain at the top of my blog and will be linked to new details, when available.

I will direct y focus to my dream of creating my publishing company. I will also be allowing use of my previous posts to others - so if you happen to see them elsewhere, please know that it is 100% with my permission.

I hope you'll visit me at Faith in Print (HERE)

I have loved he concept of Grit & Grace and may bring it back in a few years or make it a contributor blog with other like-minded people that can keep it going during my absence from it.

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